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The Phantom of the Opera Stillness

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CHALLENGE EIGHT! [Sep. 13th, 2005|01:57 am]
The Phantom of the Opera Stillness


[background noise: |"Roam" + the b52s]

Hello again, ladies!
Congrats to the CHALLENGE SEVEN WINNERS! First place is now the default community icon.

This week's challenge is based solely on MICHAEL CRAWFORD.

~ Michael Crawford must be in Phantom costume.
~ Other characters may be in the icon, as long as Michael Crawford is the main focus.
~ You may submit 2 icons, as long as they aren't drastically similar.
~ Use any effects you want (i.e. gradients, etc) EXCEPT animation.
~ All icons must fit LJ standards (see userinfo for those).
~ See the userinfo on how to submit icons.
~ Submission is due by SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17 at 8pm EST.
~ Comment here with any questions.
~ Have fun, ladies! Good luck!