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: now those hopes are shattered :

The Phantom of the Opera Stillness
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This is adding to the growing list of The Phantom of the Opera icontest communities. This refers to all versions: book, stage, and movie.

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~ You have be a member to submit entries.
~ For the challenges, I will give you a picture or song or theme or whatever to use. If not specified, you can use any Phantom picture you like.
~ All icons must fit the LJ standards. (under 40kb; 100x100; GIF, JPG or PNG format)
~ Until voting ends, all icons must remain anonymous. Don't post them anywhere else. You'll be disqualified if you do, and Erik will punjab you.
~ You are not allowed to vote for yourself. That's just mean. And don't tell your friends to vote for you.
~ All submissions are due by Saturday at 8pm EST. Voting will be all day Sunday. Results will be posted Sunday/Monday unless otherwise stated.
~ New challenges will be posted after winners are announced.

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~ For each challenge, submit your entry in the journal entry specified. All comments will be screened.
~ Icons must be uploaded to a website that allows direct linking (try Photobucket.com or Webpost.net).
~ Submit icons using this format:

Banner = yes/no
Icon's URL

Have fun!

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First Challenge - On My Own
Second Challenge - Arm Sex
Third Challenge - Against All Odds
Fourth Challenge - Memory
Fifth Challenge - Music of the Night
Challenge Six - My Fair Fop

Promote, promote, promote!

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